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We Are Here To Serve

At Hashemi Healthcare, we have been practicing telemedicine for years. It has long been a favorite of our patients due to its convenience and ease of scheduling. Why not turn to an expert physician remotely, from the comfort of your home, at a time most convenient to you? Our doctors are top notch, and strive to support our community as best we can.

Telemedicine, or tele-medicine, has been catching on in popularity over recent years. We do it best by keeping it simple. Appointments are scheduled via email or text message, and often patients are seen on the same day we are contacted. We utilize simple, user-friendly interfaces based on patient preference. You likely have all the equipment you’d need on your cell phone or home computer and will probably be surprised at the ease with which your visit is conducted.

Our fees are available on a sliding scale.  No job is too small or too big.  We are happy to discuss large-scale occupational health concerns, to see entire families consecutively, or to help a single patient with a single question. We can use any number of interfaces to communicate and if preferred, can even communicate directly via text or email to receive your individual question or concern. We do not discriminate based on financial status and we do not rush our patients. In these troubling times of social distancing and viral pandemic, we are here to serve.  If you have a medical issue, psychological issue, or just a question, we are here to help.  

Whether for urgent care, primary care, psychiatric care, or a non-narcotic prescription refill, Hashemi Healthcare is here to serve. Our passion for patient care and insight into the patient’s perspective is what sets us apart from the standard medical practice.

Out of concern for our patients and our community, we take the prescription of narcotic substances very seriously at Hashemi Healthcare. For this reason, we try to limit the number of controlled substance prescriptions we write. As such, controlled substances, wether for first time users or refills, will likely not be provided via telemedicine. We appreciate your understanding.

Telemedicine is just one of the many innovative approaches we’ve explored in order to provide exemplary care. At Hashemi Healthcare, we strive to stay forward thinking, because it’s the care we would want for ourselves, and you deserve it.

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