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Another Award

We were recently voted one of best Suboxone programs in the Langhorne area. We've proudly served Bensalem and Langhorne for over five years. We have roots in Bucks County and this area holds a special place in our hearts. 

We don't just provide Suboxone. Rather, we are a comprehensive Addiction and Mental Health practice and also proudly provide Concierge Primary Care. We believe our custom-tailored, patient-centered approach is what sets us apart.

Growing up in the Langhorne area, we became familiar with it's friendly, hardworking people. But addiction is everywhere, even in good neighborhoods. Nice people need help too. We proudly serve Langhorne, Bensalem, and all of Bucks County because we love the patients here. 

We are not limited to Bucks County. Patients anywhere in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or New York can call us anytime day or night to get help. We love to serve and have a passion for providing high quality care. 

Langhorne in particular holds a group of patients suffering from addiction in silence. Many have families and high profile jobs. Many are high functioning. Some have recently left rehabilitation centers, and some are less fortunate. 

We work hard to be the best Suboxone program in the country. A little recognition is nice, but it won’t change anything. We’ll still provide high quality Suboxone, Mental Health, and Primary Care services. We’ll still offer after-hours and same-day appointments. We’ll keep striving to be the best Suboxone program around. 

If you are struggling in Bucks County, or anywhere in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or New York, feel free to call us anytime for help. We’re here for you.



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