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Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment


Freedom from Opioid Use Disorder

At Hashemi Healthcare, our addictions treatment program is among the best in the country. Though we are located in Yardley, we are licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. We serve the Tri-state area remotely, meaning patients anywhere in these states can reach us via phone or video chat. We offer same-day and after-hours appointments scheduled around the needs of our patients  We take pride in what we do. If you are ready to change your life, we are here to help. 

Typically patients are counseled at length prior to initiation of therapy.  Patients are asked to initiate therapy after a period of abstinence from opioids, when signs of mild to moderate withdraw are present. In order to prevent precipitated withdraw, the first dose of Suboxone, or Buprenorphine/Naltrexone, should be properly timed and supervised. 

There are possible side effects with Suboxone, and death due to overdose or other complications is rare but not impossible. Suboxone may interact unfavorably with certain medications. Additionally, Suboxone does have addictive properties and there have been reports that this product can be abused or misdirected. For theses reasons, and out of concern for safety of our community, we monitor our patients closely throughout their course of treatment.

All states require patients enrolled in a Suboxone program to undergo periodic urine drug testing. We comply with these requirements but prioritize the privacy and dignity of our patients. Often, with your consent, we will request a urine drug screen and some routine labs prior to initiation of therapy. If a patient is in severe withdraw or if this is otherwise implausible, the requirement can be delayed until our client is stabilized. We utilize a patient-centered, concierge style approach focused on making recovery accessible and enjoyable. 

Our facility does not generally prescribe large quantities or multiple refills of Suboxone. Federal guidelines do not allow more than a one month supply to be prescribed after each doctor's visit. New patients are often observed upon induction and asked to follow up for a free check-in in the days after their first dose. From there, most patients simply see our providers once monthly for a quick counseling session and a refill. 

Our providers are Board Certified in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine and hold additional credentials in various types of cognitive therapy. Some attend psychiatry conferences, some even teach yoga and meditation in their free time. We are proud to incorporate holistic wellness into our philosophy.

Often, in the absence of drugs, underlying mental health disorders become apparent. For this reason psychiatric medication management and counseling are also provided to our patients at no additional cost. 

An added benefit of our program is its adaptability. Patient needs are taken into account and an optimized plan is tailored based on patient individuality. We continue to collaborate with mental health, wellness, and addiction medicine specialists around the country to provide the most cutting edge, patient-centered service available.

We do not currently accept insurance, but we can provide an itemized receipt if you’d like to submit a request for reimbursement to your carrier. Our fee  includes regular therapy, close follow-up, and access to our multifaceted recovery team. Discounts and scholarships are available and are based on need and circumstance. We will do our best to make sure cost is not the greatest obstacle in a patient’s recovery.

All services are currently being offered remotely via telemedicine. We strive to make recovery easier than addiction. Contact us now to discuss whether treatment with Buprenorphine/Naloxone is a good fit for you. Same-day and after-hours appointments are available. 

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