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Difficulty Finding Answers?

Do you have a tough or confusing medical issue?  Have you been struggling to find answers to complex medical questions?  Need a second opinion? We're here for you!

Our unique practice model means our top-notch physicians can invest the time and effort into finding you answers.  After your Second Opinion Consultation, we will take our time to conduct a literature review, personal research, and consult experts.  We will compile this information into a written Second Opinion Service report including detailed information about your issue, possible avenues of treatment, experimental treatments, and more. 

We understand the medical system can be complex, and searching for a good second opinion in dealing with a new or serious medical issue can be overwhelming. At Hashemi Healthcare, we aim to address the disparities plaguing our healthcare industry, and will do our best to simplify your care. We are discrete and highly professional, utilizing the strictest in patient privacy protocol. We will not reach out to your current physicians without your consent. If deemed appropriate and necessary, we can even assist in your treatment moving forward.

If you are not located near our offices in Yardley, PA 19067, we will still make our best attempt to be accommodating. This service is available remotely via telemedicine and we can even assist in treatment if necessary! Generally, this is one of our high-end services and prices must reflect the extensive time our physicians spend on each case. That said, our fee is based on a sliding scale and discounts/scholarships are available based on circumstance.

If you’ve been struggling with a complex or confusing medical condition, or if you’re just not satisfied with the care and answers you’ve received, give us a try. Whether you need a second opinion or other nontraditional service, we’d love to help and are here to serve. At Hashemi Healthcare, located in Yardley PA, 19067, we strive to remedy the many pitfalls one encounters while navigating today’s medical system. Our Second Opinion Service is just one wonderful example of our attempts to think outside the box.

Contact us today to let us know how we can help!

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